Breaking my radio silence on here to say that if anyone’s interested, I’m returning to blogging. I know I won’t be able to keep up with a 365 blog, but I’m moving to Los Angeles soon for co-op and I still want to keep a log of everything somehow.
You can check it out here! :)

Breaking my radio silence on here to say that if anyone’s interested, I’m returning to blogging. I know I won’t be able to keep up with a 365 blog, but I’m moving to Los Angeles soon for co-op and I still want to keep a log of everything somehow.

You can check it out here! :)

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I might switch this over to WordPress or Blogspot.

I still don’t really have an idea of what direction I want this to go in anymore though.

I want to bring this back.

I’m going to work on being committed to The Husky Life again, but probably not as a 365. I’m not sure how yet, but it’ll be used for something.

I’ll figure it out.

Edit: Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped checking this. So many messages…

I haven’t posted on here in a while. Oops.

April 10, 2013

I was ready to write a really long, great post about today and then I forgot I had a Mochi brainstorm meeting and it was long and I always have so much to do after/during, so I no longer have energy, but I’ll try to give it a go

Today’s Recap of Events (as best as I can remember from how we recapped during the day)

A. We might be meeting Olly Murs because we’re also hosting a contest for the GSP event next Thursday. Meaning, I probably won’t be meeting Olly Murs, but Toni will be and Toni is obsessed with Olly, so I’m so happy for her.
B. Michelle told us she heard Ross Lynch was coming in (with R5 since they’re on tour right now haha).
C. We were at our computers when we suddenly heard their voices and they walked by and said hi and waved and we realized how tall they are. The Lynch family has some tall genes, damn. Also, Ross looks a lot more buff in person. Like, before, Lindsey would always be flipping out over Ross and I’d just be like, “Yeah, I guess he’s cute,” but seeing him in person is shocking.
D. We could hear their entire interview through the door with their dad sitting right next to us. 
E. I don’t know if this is when it happened, but Lindsey pulled out some NSYNC moves HAHA.
F. We freaked because we thought R5 left and we wouldn’t get pictures, but then they came back to use the bathroom.
G. We got pictures with R5.
H. Liz and Ross were matching.
I. I told Ellington (Ratliff) happy early birthday.
J. They asked us if we were coming to the show tomorrow and we said we can’t because we don’t have tickets. 
K. Ross kept talking to us while his brothers ran down the stairs and out to the car because their dad said they had to go. Instead, as he ran down the stairs, he kept sticking his head out to talk to us. Shout at us. It was a good time.
L. Ross said if we went to his show tomorrow, he’d sing to us.
M. Us: We can’t go, we don’t have tickets! Ross: I wish I could do something about that. Us: …. YOU’RE IN THE BAND.
N. Ross “accused” us of scamming him for free tickets HAHA.
O. The boys don’t know where Freehold is or that it’s a stop on their tour.
P. Rydel’s super sweet and has a pretty thick accent, from like the two seconds we talked to her.
Q. Did I mention they’re REALLY tall?
R. They noticed themselves on our wall. We think.
S. The day went by really slowly once they left. Like really slowly.
T. Oh, we were kinda stalking their Instagram moments before they walked into the office. Oops.
U. Nicole gave us a heart attack by almost getting us tickets to tomorrow’s show.
V. Now I just want to finish the alphabet.
W. Lindsey and I cleaned out LAST YEAR’s InTune gift bags because they’re still sitting in the prize closet… or they were still sitting in the prize closet.
X. I think the Little Mix fan finally stopped e-mailing us about something that doesn’t make sense.
Y. Um… now I really just want to finish the alphabet. I had a Mochi brainstorm meeting.
Z. My dad took my mom out on a date for her birthday. <3

April 9, 2013


went skating and then went tanning in my backyard teehee

Brought out the wedges for the summer weather and dinner with my cousin, her husband, my aunt and uncle that I haven’t seen since before high school, and parents

April 8, 2013

Happy birthday Robinnnnnnnnnnnn

Slow day at work? I don’t really remember

I remember Toni interviewed Karan from Jessie on Disney and we all couldn’t get over the fact that he has a completely normal American accent

we had to figure out this photo incident for this fan

live texting during the Voice with Toni and Lindsey

Alex came over to watch Michigan vs. Louisville after 

OH I remember we kept checking the weather at work and we were like, “There’s no way it’s almost 70 degrees outside. Shut up,” because we were inside all day with no windows

April 7, 2013

Wicked with the parents for my mom’s birthday

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March 29-April 6

I’m really bad at this

finished up DIY shorts for an upcoming issue
conference call with Hugh Dancy
H&M event and interviewed Penn Badgley
caught up on a lot of sleep
tutored again for the first time in a while
ran into Timbaland outside FAO Schwarz
"city exploring" with Victoria on the job
yeah, probably other stuff that I’m not remembering and I’m not really trying right now oops 

March 28, 2013

we were doing our thing when Brad came over and asked us to follow him and then we found out Ed Sheeran was coming for a luncheon

he was so precious, I can’t. just so charming and ugh…. then the rest of the day was really boring

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